It’s probably not news to you that Omnipress has launched an incentive program. We have been promoting it frequently over the past four weeks. In case you missed it, or have yet to pull the trigger, here are 10 reasons to take advantage of our incentive program!

  1. You need to get moving on the conference content for your fall conference. Time is of the essence!
  2. You could use an association-owned laptop to help with on-site registration. If you qualify for the incentive program, you could earn a MacBook Air or a Dell XPS 13 (Non-Touch).*
  3. You want to check out more venues than your travel budget allows. Another incentive offered is two airline vouchers, worth $500 each. Take a trip and find the perfect place for a future annual meeting!
  4. You recognize that coordinating content for your annual meeting could be easier. Omnipress is your one-stop shop for conference content. Start with abstract management and continue through all of your outputs, with$1000-off a single vendor!
  5. You know your association’s budget could use a $1,000 break. One of the most popular incentives is $1,000 off your project. Every association’s bottom line could use a little breathing room!
  6. You are going to need to handle conference content one way or another. You might as well earn an incentive for it!
  7. You want to expand the number of content outputs you offer. This is the perfect opportunity to add a content website or a conference app, without adding to the number of vendors you have to contact to get the job done.
  8. You accept that your conference printing needs are moving beyond what your local printer can reasonably do. There will come a time when it’s not tenable to stay with your hometown printer. Have you reach that threshold?
  9. You want to work with a provider that understands associations. Does your app developer really understand what associations need and how to meet the needs of your attendees? Does your local printer? Wouldn’t you rather work with a vendor that gets it?
  10. You deserve a break. A conference planner’s job is never done, and you work hard every day to make your annual meeting a valuable experience for attendees. It’s time you got something to show for it! Take advantage of our incentive program and you’ll receive a bonus that you so richly deserve.

Now you have 10 perfectly good reasons to take the next step—register at Let us know the products and services that you need: abstract management, conference printing, online conference materials, scientific posters (collection, printing, and/or online access), CDs, USBs, and/or conference apps. One of our friendly account managers will reach out to you with solutions to your conference content woes. Get started now!


*Disclaimer: Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Dell is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Omnipress is in no way affiliated with either Apple or Dell.

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