In just a few days, 2015 will be here. As time marches on, your attendees may be wondering: When will your association start offering online access to event content?

Is this the year to get it done? All signs point to yes. As you break open that 2015 calendar, you can think of January as a fresh start for your association. Innovation is an important factor for keeping current and relevant to younger members.

Astute readers of the blog and fans or followers of Omnipress (on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook) may question that statement. Didn’t the Millennials & Print white paper, released last week, make the case that young professionals want printed materials at conferences? Now they want websites, too? Which is it?

It is both, dear readers. It is both. What millennials want more than print—which they want very much—is options. Other generations agree. Don’t just give me a website, or a printed program, or a mobile app, they say. Give me all of it and let me decide which to use when, and for what purpose.

Because after all is said and done, content is what makes your events valuable. Networking is also important, of course, and building relationships with colleagues and new contacts is a quintessential benefit of annual meetings.

But how many people would come if your event was purely networking? Substantially fewer, we’re willing to bet, than the counts you’d see when the content that is being presented is compelling. The most successful events combine the meet-and-greet hallmarks of great networking with the meat-and-potatoes substance of excellent content, delivered in many formats, including educational sessions with talented presenters.

Omnipress is ready to help you move forward in 2015 with an event content website, whether this year is your first or your fifth year doing so. We will help you incorporate an event content website into your current content delivery strategy. The more you work with us, the easier it will be to progress from abstract collection to outputs like conference printing, event content websites, mobile event apps, and USBs and CDs.

We wish you all the best in 2015, from health and happiness for you and your family to your association’s most successful events to date. Cheers!

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