When you customize a system or tool to fit your needs, it just works better. I think my fitness tracker is more accurate than my husband’s, for example, because mine takes my stride into account and gives a better idea of calories burned, based on my weight, age, and gender. (If his offers similar customization, he hasn’t taken the steps to add it yet.)

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter if he doesn’t get “credit” for a few hundred steps because his gait is different than mine. Progress motivates me, though, so seeing those steps rack up is thrilling. I want every single one I have coming to me.

The same can be said about the abstract management and paper collection system you use for your association’s annual meeting. Omnipress’ system offers a number of customizations that make your workday easier. You can work with us to adjust the settings to fit your needs—not your needs to fit the pre-set system.

  1. Fields & Data: Ask for all of the information you need. That varies by the association’s industry, size, regulations, continuing education requirements, and more. Your fields may not match another association’s, but both sets of data are precisely what’s needed to get the job done.
  2. Reports: Our standard reports might be all you need, but maybe not. You can have your dedicated Omnipress project manager create custom reports for you. If you’d rather handle that task yourself, they can help you get started. You’ll get just the information you need to keep your collection and review process in check.
  3. Communication Templates: If you have managed abstracts—including submitters and reviewers—by email, you know how helpful email templates can be. With our system, you can send emails to groups or individuals within the same program you use to manage abstracts. If only getting either submitters or reviewers to respect deadlines were so easy!

Using an out-of-the-box abstract management system can leave you feeling as uncomfortable as off-the-rack pants that need to be hemmed. When you get the appropriate customizations to meet your needs, though, you’ll understand that the right fit is everything. Omnipress can help! Read our white paper to learn more.

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