Dan's Corner with Director of Training and Publications Dan Loomis

Let’s say your association offers continuing education training. Your members sign up for instructor-led training and now they need printed coursebooks. Organizations can set up their process to fulfill the order in one of three ways:

  1. The learner places an order through the association using email, phone, or fax. An association staffer is given the order to fulfill in-house or send on to a fulfillment house for completion.
  2. An order is placed through the association’s online store. Association staff receives email confirmation of the order. If order fulfillment is handled in-house, the book is packed and shipped. If not, the email is forwarded to the fulfillment house.
  3. The learner orders a coursebook through the association’s online store, which sends order data directly to the fulfillment house. No action required on the part of the association! The process is completely automated.

Clearly, the third option makes the process easier for association staff, especially if the fulfillment house also manages inventory on its behalf. The automation eliminates any inconsistency of data by removing the threat of human error. The more people that “touch” the order data, the more likely it is to be unintentionally corrupted.

When the first or second way is used, the fulfillment house will likely charge an order processing fee. The third option involves more cost up-front, but the ongoing “dings” to the budget, on each and every order placed, are eliminated by the automation.

That said, the third option doesn’t make sense for every organization. If coursebooks are being ordered one at a time, and the association receives just a few orders each week, the first option might work out just fine. As volume grows, however, automation streamlines the process.

Whichever order procedure works best for your organization, Omnipress can be your partner for CE training print and fulfillment, helping you bring training materials to your learners. We can facilitate your process as you grow, too; your association may start with the first method and, after a period of growth, switch to a more efficient order process.

Listen to the April 15th episode of Training and Development Talk podcast, featuring Omnipress’ Dan Loomis and Tony Veroeven, for a discussion of this topic.

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