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Conference halls are full of attendees obsessively checking their email, Facebook and Twitter accounts, frantically searching for a power outlet to charge their dying iPhones and asking about Wi-Fi access and passwords.
According to Pew Research, as of September 2012, 45% of American adults own a smartphone and 25% own a tablet.

The fact attendees are captivated with their smartphones and tablets should not be a deterrence from your annual meeting; it should be yet another opportunity to reach your attendees through a mobile event app.

The Challenge of Mobile Event App Adoption

There is no question; mobile event apps are going to continue to increase in popularity. In fact, in Omnipress’ 2012 Mobile Event App Survey, 80% of organizations stated they will provide a mobile event app within the next two years.

The challenge many associations and organizations that hold meetings are facing is how to market their mobile event app. In other words, how can meeting professionals increase the adoption rates of their mobile event apps, in turn, maximizing their ROI?

3 Ways Associations Market Mobile Event Apps

  1. Make sure your mobile event app is live 30 days before the conference.
    Of course, there is no exact number of days before your meeting that your mobile app should launch. It will vary depending on what your mobile objective is, but having your app available early will allow for more time to build interest and engage attendees around your event. Remember: You can always update content easily as you get closer to your conference.
  2. Optimize your mobile event app for all devices.
    Unfortunately, technology is taking attendees in all different directions: iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Kindle Fires and countless other devices. In order to make your mobile event app accessible to your attendees, you need to make sure it is optimized for the devices your members are using. While it may not be realistic to optimize for all devices, make sure your mobile app is optimized to reach the majority of your attendees.
  3. Include a call to action on your conference website.
    Include a large call to action (CTA) on the homepage of your conference website to make sure visitors know you have a mobile app for your conference. Your CTA should link directly to the place(s) where they can download the app.

Does your organization use a mobile event app? How do you get members to use it?

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