One of our central tenets at Omnipress is that different media are better for different purposes. That’s why it’s important to have a multi-faceted approach to your conference content. Online conference materials are a great resource for accessing abstracts and papers before and after an annual meeting, for example, whereas conference apps help attendees optimize the networking and social aspects of the event.

In our extensive work with hundreds of associations each year, we have found that one of the best uses of print media is marketing your conference using advance programs. Why should your association send out advance programs?

Printed materials have serious impact.

Have you noticed how you’ve become more excited about mail, and less so about email, over the past several years? The same is true of your members! What’s old is new again. A high-quality, colorful printed preview of your association’s conference can make a big splash!

Packing and shipping the advance programs doesn’t have to be your concern.

Omnipress isn’t just great at printing your programs; we can get them where they need to go, too. For final programs, that’s usually the conference site. For advance programs, it’s the members’ offices or homes. Just give us a list and we’ll take care of the rest.

Branding starts long before your attendees arrive at the conference.

You start your annual meeting’s Twitter hashtag before attendees walk through the convention center doors. Do the same with all of your branding, starting with your advance program. Incorporate the colors, logos, and themes of your association and your conference. Build your brand from the first communication and, for best results, stick with the same provider for your content outputs for the greatest consistency.

Advance programs are, as the name suggests, just the beginning.

Omnipress can take care of all of your conference content needs, including all of the following: abstract management, conference printing (advance and final programs, proceedings, brochures, handouts, pocket agendas, and more), USBsonline conference materials, and conference apps. Yes, all of that from a single company!

Advance programs provide that sneak-peek that potential attendees are looking for. Long-time attendees get excited about the annual meeting that’s right around the corner, and first-timers or past attendees who are on the fence can see the educational and networking opportunities they have in store. That may be enough to push them to register and maybe talk some colleagues into doing the same.

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