Admittedly, when I asked my colleague Jodi Ray to share with me her big takeaways and “ah-ha” moments from her EventCamp (#ecnc) experience in Chicago, I wasn’t expecting a list of inspirational one-liners you might find in a little book or on your email footer.

However, many of these little statements have BIG meaning. Well, perhaps the “MSU method” isn’t something you might hear from a keynote speaker, but even then, if this is done well, it can make life a little more interesting for others listening.

What’s your favorite statement below? Why does it trigger that “ah-ha, yep, that makes sense” feeling for you?

– Connect people to people with solutions
– Replace the pitch with an invitation
– Match the offer to the relationship
– If they build it, they will bring their friends
– Make it fast, easy and fun – then they will help
– Reward and celebrate your heroes
– Love the people who love you
– Come out from behind the curtain
– Campaigns make silos; community building makes long-term relationships
– Crowd accelerated innovation – idea harvesting
– MSU method – Make shit up (ok this wasn’t in an actual session…)
– You earn your reputation by what you accomplish
– Crowdscribed – By the crowd, for the crowd
– Command discovery
– Empower your members
– Boredom inhibits education
– Competition = Engagement
– Emotional engagement = Total commitment
– Move from remarkable to irresistible
– Tell the story to those already listening
– Build your network before you need it
– Start with the folks who love you now
– Enough about me – let’s talk about YOU!
– Read; Instagram – photosharing for your IPhone reinvented
– Everyone is a publisher; Re-imagine – don’t recycle. Re-mix into other platforms
– Open book branding – TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, TRUTH
– Culture matters
– Asset Based Thinking – the way you perceive things is a choice
– Small shifts make seismic differences
– Yourself is your foundational asset – the deeper you look, the more you find
– Coach yourself – don’t criticize
– Relating with others is attitude and action – trade places with them; tell truth fast
– Believe in something BIG
– Acknowledge, apologize, act
– Stop, collaborate, listen
– See the problem as a pause
– OUR influence over my influence
– Admire openly and often
– Mentors matter
– Speak with substance, sizzle and soul
– Live your legacy NOW
– Engage, share, sustain

Did you attend EventCamp 2011?
If so, what little-BIG takeaway did you jot down in your handy-dandy conference learning journal?

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