Your content goes through many changes between initial submission and publication in your printed program. When a paper is accepted for inclusion in your event, preparations begin for delivering that content to attendees. Sometimes little action is needed to make the submission ready for the eyes of a reader, but more often than not, extra help would be appreciated.

The Omnipress team is poised and ready to assist you in preparing your content for attendees and other readers. With their focus on your success, our project managers and project technicians will make the most of your content, using these five aspects of formatting as their guide.

  1. Organized information: It is well known that anchors such as bold text, numbering, white space, and other formatting choices make content more readable. Well-organized information is also easier to process and understand. When preparing your event content, your design team will keep this in mind and create a final product that aids attendees in their comprehension.
  2. Clean appearance: Just as it is distracting to spend time in a cluttered household, it’s difficult to read messy content. Maintaining a streamlined, clean look helps readers to better understand—and sometimes, choose to read in the first place—the high-level content that is often presented at conferences.
  3. Experienced professionals: When you trust the formatting of your event content to an outside team, you want to be sure that they are up to the task. Omnipress’ print project managers and project technicians have a combined total of 55 years of experience. Day in and day out, they work on projects just like yours, so they are ready to tackle whatever you bring to the table. Even if your event presents some unique challenges, you can rest assured that we have either seen something like it in the past or are poised to tackle it for you and your organization.
  4. Cooperative relationship: Our goal is to help you create the very best conference materials possible, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to make that happen. After all, we’re all on the same team, with our eyes on the same prize: high-quality content for your attendees and members to refer to during your event and for many years afterwards, delivered in the best formats available for reference, usability, convenience, longevity and, most importantly, retention.
  5. Better readability: The Holy Grail of formatting is creating a better reading experience. Your association’s content is the star; good formatting gets out of the way and lets the content shine.

The more extensive older sister of formatting is design, which we will explore further another time. Suffice it to say, the Omnipress team can also provide this service, if you so desire.

Visit our website for examples of our conference printing materials. Let us know what you think!

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