5 Easy Ideas for Promoting Training Courses Online


Increasing enrollment for your in-person training programs is a top priority for continuing education professionals. Having a well-defined target audience of association members helps, but even that won’t guarantee learners will discover your course offerings. And to borrow from a famous saying, “If a course has the best content but no one is around to promote it, does it get found?” Help your learners find courses that benefit them by taking steps to promote your training courses online.

Easy Ideas to Promote Training Courses Online

Using your existing course content is an effective way to promote your training courses online. Sharing the course syllabus, a chapter of the course book or a practice exam gives potential learners a clear idea of the information they will receive when taking your course. You can also look at leveraging your existing training programs as a way to spread the word about your new offerings.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn five easy ideas that will help you get started promoting your training courses online.

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Easy Ideas for Promoting Training Courses Online

Which of these ideas have you found to be most successful for promoting new courses? Are there other attention-grabbing techniques that are not on this list? Please share what has worked for you in the comment section!


From the Infographic

5 Easy Ideas for Promoting Training Courses Online

  • Share the course syllabus.
    • Motivate potential class participants with an overview of the material to be covered
  • Offer a free chapter of the course book.
    • Sample course content will entice learners to register
  • Post a practice exam.
    • Show students what they can expect to learn after completing the course
  • Increase your online presence.
    • Make your organization stand out when people search for professional development opportunities
  • Cross-promote other training programs.
    • Use banner ads, sidebars, and pop-ups to advertise similar courses that would interest your learners

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