Earlier this week, we invited you to take another look at Omnipress, especially if you haven’t done so lately. The truth is, we’ve changed. Are we the printer you’ve always counted on to deliver high-quality materials to the right place, in time for your event? Of course. We’ll always play that role.

But we’re so much more than a conference printer. What’s new? We’ll spell it out for you.

First and foremost, we are equipped to offer associations more content delivery products than ever before. New and recently enhanced products and services include:

Connect App: Our new mobile event app has all the program information your attendees need and all the social features they crave, like person-to-person messaging and an event timeline to see what their colleagues are doing.

Digital Publishing Platform: Association publications are important to members, and being able to access standards, policy books, directories, and technical manuals on-the-go makes them convenient, too.

Posters: Many association events include poster sessions; we are happy to offer a suite of services to help. Count on us for poster collection, printing, and online access.

Secondly, Omnipress has taken on more of a consultative role in the process of getting your association content to members. Your first encounter with the Omnipress team might seem more like a trip to the doctor (without the needles).An account manager wants to get to know your organization and its pain points. As a full-service provider of just about every content delivery system you can imagine, we could help you move in any number of directions. Our goal isn’t to overwhelm you with choices, though; we want to learn enough about your needs and objectives to make a recommendation suited to your situation. We’re here to help with more than just content delivery. Our team is well-versed in content strategy as well.

In the third place, Omnipress makes it easy to find the information you need on our new website. Launched in April, the site has a clean, streamlined structure. It’s not easy to get lost on a website this easy to use, but you may lose track of time, exploring each page and really digging into the Our Work page, or the Meet Our Team page. Or so we’ve been told.

Number four: Omnipress provides resources you can use. Besides a website that makes researching a content provider pleasurable, we’ve included a number of tools to help you learn more. Find demos to four different Omnipress products: abstract collection, mobile event app, digital publishing, and online posters. You’ll also find thought-provoking whitepapers, relevant case studies, and helpful customer tools.

And last but not least, our customer service isn’t what it used to be—it’s even better. Whether you’re working with an account manager who’s been with the company since nearly the beginning or a project manager that was hired within the last six months, one thing is true: every member of the Omnipress team wants you to succeed and is willing to do what it takes to make that happen. So I suppose this isn’t so much a change as it is a commitment to constant improvement.

Have you seen Omnipress lately? Isn’t time you took another look? Browse Omnipress.com to familiarize yourself with our new look and products. If you like what you see, we hope you’ll get in touch and give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves—again.

About Omnipress

Omnipress delivers educational content for associations and other organizations. Digital and print solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences and training programs.

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