Millennials and training

As of late 2015, Millennials make up about one-third of the American workforce, surpassing both Baby Boomers and Generation X. These young professionals (age 18-34) have never known a world without the internet. What role—if any—do printed educational materials play in their lives? Do they want all digital content all the time?

We wanted to know, so we conducted a survey of 548 Millennials (22-33 years old) about their views on educational materials. For a quick snapshot of the results, take a look at the five key statistics below!

  1. 50% prefer print when reading something they need to learn. Compare that with just 18% who chose digital. Scientific research that suggests reading printed materials leads to better retention, and young professionals also prefer this method.
  2. 59% agree: “It is easier for me to learn from printed materials.” When learners enroll in continuing education courses, they want to come away with new skills to help them advance in their careers. The format used to present new concepts shouldn’t create a barrier. Course participants want to gain new knowledge as quickly and easily as possible, and according to their answers, printed materials make it happen.
  3. 58% agree: “Printed materials are better for reference.” After the coursework is completed, learners will need to look back at the materials for reference. Despite the great strides digital materials have made in creating a better search and reading experience for users, over half of the young professionals we surveyed agreed that printed materials make for better references.
  4. 86% agree: “The world is more connect than ever, but I think there’s still a place for printed materials.” Millennials seem to understand when to use digital sources and printed materials. They see a place for both and use their best judgment for which format is the best choice in different situations. As one participant said, “We can have both; it’s not a war.”
  5. 64% agree: “I will never stop reading printed educational materials.” Think that all young professionals want is online training materials? Not true! Even though they grew up with the internet always available, they understand the value of printed materials for learning and reference.

For more results from the survey, read the full report. Leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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