What is the most critical step in your conference content process? Preparing the printed program? Receiving the USBs that contains the conference’s complete abstracts? Setting your mobile app or content website live?

For these five reasons, abstract management—which includes your call for papers, submissions, review, and managing the process—is the most important piece of your conference content puzzle.

  1. The conference content is chosen. Cue the chorus of “duh”s. One of the most important aspects of your conference is deciding which topics to cover, which research to highlight, and which speakers will excite and inspire your attendees. It all starts with your call for papers. Your review team separates the wheat from the chaff, and your conference content starts to resemble the excellent industry resource it will become.
  2. The groundwork for your outputs is set. For best results, use the same provider for abstract management and your content outputs, whatever form it takes—printed program and/or proceedings, CDs or USBs, a conference content website, a mobile event app, or any combination of these. Your provider will help you set yourself to collect the content you need from the get-go, including not just the abstract, but other information, like release forms, bios, photos, A/V needs, metadata, and more.
  3. The schedule begins to take shape. Choose an abstract management system that allows you to build your conference schedule and you’ll be ahead of the game. As reviewers select presenters, you can take that information and begin to lay out your event.
  4. The elements of your conference content is collected. Abstracts, papers, final presentations, posters, keywords and other metadata for online posts, handouts, special requests, and more—whatever you’ll need from accepted speakers, get it up front. There’s no great harm in collecting information you may ultimately not need, but chasing down presenters for more information could prove challenging.
  5. The whole process is simplified when you do abstract management right. Your outputs consist of more information than a basic call for paper requires. For a smoother process from the initial submission to the final conference program or website, though, it makes sense to get everything you need from potential speakers from the very beginning.

Abstract management makes life easier for everyone involved.

  • Your accepted presenters can rest assured that all the information you needed is already in.
  • You don’t have to spend time hunting down speakers at the 11th hours for a CV or photo.
  • Your content provider can move forward toward your content outputs without delay.

We believe it’s true and hope that, given our five reasons, you agree: Abstract management is everything.

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