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Forbes just released their list for The Most Stressful Jobs of 2014, and unfortunately for those in the Event Planning industry, Event Coordinator was ranked #5. It seems like every year, a major publication ranks the most stressful jobs and Event Coordinator seems to consistently rank in the Top 10. Just to put this in a bit of perspective, this list also includes enlisted military personnel, firefighters, military generals, & police officers. That’s right; according to this list, coordinating events is as stressful as occupations that put your life at risk each and every day. That’s really saying something.

It’s for this reason, that I wanted to take the time to suggest 3 ways that an event planner can prevent unnecessary stress.


1. Work with a Single-Vendor

This is by far the number one stress reliever I hear constantly from fellow event coordinators. Event planning and coordination has a lot to do with managing the relationship between you and your vendors. Making sure everything is coordinated, on-time, and done correctly is a tough task, especially when a large event can mean managing nearly hundreds of tasks. When it comes to your conference content, managing your conference printer, mobile event app provider, abstract collection team, and conference giveaways is a daunting task. That’s a lot of different channels to distribute your content, but it’s all necessary to provide maximum value to event attendees.

Working with a single company that can handle all of those tasks can reduce hours of time and loads of stress. Have a problem? Call your vendor! Don’t spend hours finding which vendor to call, then finding the correct person within that company to contact and so on. One phone number, one project manager. ALL OF YOUR CONFERENCE CONTENT!

2. Give Your Attendees Options

Everyone wants their content distributed via their phone, laptops, or tablets, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, a lot of people still like to have that tangible, in-hand conference program or proceedings to use at your conference. Provide a blended approach to your attendees so they can access your material however they wish. Providing value is the #1 reason why attendees will return year after year, but if they can’t access the value that is in your materials, what good is your conference?

3. Use Tools That Can Save You Time (Saving Time Saves Stress)

Take advantage of technology and time saving applications in order to keep your ducks in a row. This includes event planning software, notetaking apps (Evernote or Springpad are great), a mobile event app for your attendees (less questions for you during the event), and much more. A great way to keep in contact with your team members during the event is to turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie! (A great tool for this is HeyTell) Saving time is an easy way to avoid unnecessary stress, so find the right tools for you.

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