5 Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Conference


Video is quickly becoming one of the most popular mediums online. More people are watching and expecting video than ever before; in 2017, online video is expected to account for 74% of all online traffic. Videos inform viewers and can keep their attention for longer than a text post can.

Videos posted on YouTube or social media are great places to showcase highlights from your conference, present speaker information and generate excitement about your next event.

Here are five ways your organization can use video to promote your next conference:

  • Recap Video: There’s a lot going on at your events, which means there’s a lot to document! Recap videos help new or non-members understand what goes on at your events and can show that you provide a can’t-miss event. Record parts of the excitement during your conference, then compile clips into a visually interesting and informative recap video. Share the video shortly after the conference and then again as part of promotion for next year’s event to remind members of how much fun they had.
  • Announce Speakers: Announcing the speakers at your conference is a major selling point for your event and can help members make the decision to attend. Rather than writing bios for this year’s speakers, create short videos announcing each speaker and giving a preview of what their sessions will include.
  • Interview Speakers: Your conference speakers are industry experts, and attendees are interested in hearing what they have to say. To promote your upcoming event, record interviews with prominent speakers. Remember to have the speakers give an idea of what they will talk about at the conference, but don’t have them give their whole presentation.
  • Attendee Testimonials: Testimonials let you show the value your association offers members from members themselves! Record short interviews with attendees during the event asking their opinion on the conference and the organization. Combine a few of these together, and you’ve got a powerful testimonial video to use to promote the next event.
  • Session Recordings: Make arrangements to record sessions during the event so you can repurpose them online through your organization. But they also have another purpose—short segments can be used online to provide a glimpse into the conference as promotion for next year’s event. Potential attendees will love the ability to see what a session might be like before committing to attending. And, if they’re really interested in the topic, they might purchase the full proceedings, meaning more revenue for your organization!

Creating and sharing videos is easier than ever with the amount of quality equipment and software available today. Using videos to promote your conference can give members the information they need to help them decide whether to attend. Plus, they can easily share videos with friends on social media, meaning your promotion might reach new audiences. Using video to promote your conference is a great way to engage members and showcase some of the best parts of your event.

Does your association use video to promote events? What kind of video content do you create?

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