Reviewers—You gotta love ‘em. Truly! You have to give them credit for their work.

Thank goodness they take time out of their busy schedules as industry professionals to seriously consider and evaluate submissions to your association’s annual meeting. If your association has a reputation for presenting compelling content at its conferences, it’s not difficult to see the role reviewers play in bringing that quality and interesting information to light. They are the sieve through which abstracts must go; they separate the wheat from the chaff.

In part to keep these important individuals happy and satisfied, and in part to make the review process painless enough that they will volunteer to do it again next year, you have chosen an abstract management system that is easy to use, efficient, and fully realized, with tools like forms and guidelines to evaluate submissions.

You did choose an abstract management that makes life easier for reviewers who donate their time and talent to making your conference content the best it can be … didn’t you?

If not, there’s no need to fret. Omnipress can help you customize your abstract management system to be reviewer-friendly.

  1. Helpful forms and scoring requirements: Grading papers objectively is hard enough when you’re the only person doing the evaluation. When your reviewers take on this task as a group, they need some direction to meet your expectations.
  2. Abstract assignments: Reviewers are happy to dive in to the abstracts that are under their umbrella … but that can take forever to do if you have to manually assign each of them. With Omnipress’ system, you can choose how abstracts are distributed among reviewers: randomly, by a prescribed set of criteria (chosen by your association), or, if you’d rather handle it yourself, manually.
  3. Clear process: Does your association do multiple rounds of review? The system is easy to use; its clean appearance will ensure that reviewers don’t get lost in the weeds.
  4. Rolling review: Want to kick off your review early? Implement the lockbox, in which abstracts are “locked” for review as soon as they are submitted. As soon as a paper is in, the review can start for that submission, which can move the process along smoothly.
  5. File flexibility: Omnipress supports a wide variety of formats for submissions; Word documents and PDFs are just the beginning. Submitters may also include images, videos, and other supporting documents.
  6. Dedicated support: Did a reviewer forget their username or password? No problem! Just have the reviewer click the Support button in the top right corner of the screen and Omnipress will take care of the problem during business hours.
  7. Established best practices: We have worked with hundreds of associations with abstract management and review. With all of that experience under our belt and with dedicated project managers ready to help you customize the system to match your process, we have sussed out the best practices and can help you optimize your results while making the process easier for submitters, reviewers, and association staff alike.

If you’ve been treating your sponsors, exhibitors, and vendor partners more favorably than your reviewers, you might want to reconsider that position. They volunteer their time, they make your conference better, and they ask for nothing in return. Out of respect for their sacrifice and appreciation for their service, you can give them the gift that keeps on giving—an abstract management system that is efficient, easy to use, and hassle-free.

To see Omnipress’ abstract management system in action, sign up for a demo! The intuitive system will streamline your process and keep your reviewers happy.

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