Many associations choose to work with a trusted local printer that handles all sorts of jobs for other members of the community in addition to the association’s conference materials. With no disrespect intended towards ma or pa, this may not be the most prudent course of action for your association.

Choosing a printer that specifically works with associations has many advantages, as listed below, which may outweigh your honorable intention to keep your business in the community. Association have needs that differ from other organizations, and those unique circumstances may necessitate the use of a specialist.

A printer that works with associations …

  1. Understands that your deadlines are tight. Conference programs need only be late once for you to realize the full impact that printers who understand how to meet deadlines—and associations always run up against the deadline. Know that your materials will be there, come what may.
  2. Recognizes that last-minute changes are common, necessary, and largely out of your control. Oh, those presenters! Whether you set the date for final collection a month or a week before your conference, you’ll still get entirely too many late papers. Omnipress gets it. While there does need to be a drop-dead-line, as my high school English teacher called it, when materials must be received in order to be included in printed conference materials, we can push that date later than most providers can.
  3. Knows the basics of how conference materials are laid out. If your program’s pages come to us print-ready, that’s great! Many associations need help getting it there, though, and our team of designers can provide formatting services to make it happen. Just send us a sample of last year’s program and we’ll do our best to match it. We work with hundreds of associations each year, so we have a good idea of how books normally look.
  4. Has seen many variations on the standard conference program. If you’re looking for something a little different, odds are, Omnipress has seen it before. If you bring something to the table that’s brand-new, we’ll have a good idea of how to handle it. Over the years, our project managers and production team have built up an impressive set of skills.
  5. Knows you have many plates spinning, and that conference content isn’t always top priority. But that’s okay, because it is ours. We can help you manage the process with little input from you. We won’t make any major decisions without your approval, of course, but we can get a lot done while you’re taking care of other tasks.
  6. Realizes that some people who work with you to get materials ready for print are volunteers or work part-time. Coordinating schedules can be tough, even when everyone is in the office at the same time. When volunteers and part-timers are in the mix, it can be even tougher to stay on the same page (sometimes literally!). We understand if the ad pages are being produced on a different timeline than the abstracts, which are trickling in on schedule all their own. We can revise the program as more pieces are added. Once again, there will be a cut-off date and time, but we can work on bits and pieces until everything is ready.
  7. Understands that content is the most valuable asset any association has. When it comes right down to it, your association’s content is what keeps them coming back every year—to membership and to your annual meeting. Your association’s reputation is on the line when those conference programs or proceedings land in the hands of attendees. It has to be all right, or it’s all wrong.

Does every printer truly understand this? According to our clients, who trust us because we know associations, the answer is no. Only printers like Omnipress can empathize with busy meeting planners, executive directors, and other association professionals.

To learn more about the who, what, when, where, how, and why of conference printing, download our white paper, Printing Your Event Content.

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