There are so many options available to associations for getting conference content in the hands of attendees, it’s hard to choose which one to use for your next conference. Optimally, you’d offer as many options as your budget allows and work with one vendor to provide all of them.

In the real world, you run into issues at every step and sometimes it’s just not possible to get it all done, whether you’re managing four vendors or just one. Budgets may not be quite as tight as they were in recent years, but your association could hardly be considered flush, either.

USBs might not be the first solution that comes to mind, but maybe they should be. In some ways, USBs represent the perfect middle ground for meeting planners. Besides which, they may even pay for themselves at your next conference!

  1. USBs can be used offline. Even with the recent FCC ruling that blocking WiFi isn’t allowed, signals can be unreliable and/or expensive on site. The option of plugging in a USB, which work with many tablets in addition to laptops (though adapters may be needed), and getting to work is attractive to many attendees.
  2. USBs are portable and convenient. As readers of the blog are well aware, I’m fond of reading print. But everything has its time and place, and carry-on bags are only so big. USBs are tiny, compared to the average conference program.
  3. USBs open up content possibilities. In addition to giving attendees access to abstracts, handouts, and presentations, USBs are conducive to other types of content, including videos, audio files, and websites. Include all relevant content on your USB and it becomes that much more valuable.
  4. USBs play nice with online materials. When you work with Omnipress to offer your attendees USBs, you’ll also get a companion website that users can access when connectivity isn’t an issue. The USB and website are built to work together, so users won’t feel lost or confused moving between the two.
  5. USBs are easily searchable. Content is well-organized. If your attendees can’t find what they need by navigating, the search capabilities can help them locate the right file.
  6. USBs are brandable. Got a logo for your association? Of course you do! For your conference? Probably. Get it printed on your USBs to expand your brand!
  7. USBs are attractive to sponsors. You couldn’t put on your conference without help from sponsors. Many of them want to provide more than money. Ask an organization to sponsor USBs, a tangible, educational giveaway that can carry their logo. You’ll see some sponsors raise their hands!

For these reasons and more, USBs continue to be a viable option for conference content delivery. Custom designs make them fun and memorable, too! Reach out to us to learn more about how USBs can make a difference at your next conference.

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