When you prepare to print training manuals for your association’s continuing education courses, do you struggle with choosing a number of initial copies to print? All the historical data in the world can’t ensure that you won’t waste time, money, or paper on books that no one will use. Choosing to print training manuals on demand, however,  can solve these problems.

When you print training manuals on demand, you can rest assured that amount of that waste will be kept to a minimum. There are many other reasons to choose print on demand for your association’s CE materials, including:

  1. Frequent content updates: How long does content in your industry remain current? Some associations can get away with large print runs because not much changes year to year. Others, particularly in highly-regulated industries and in STEM, must be updated more often.
  2. Reduced overhead: Start-up costs for large print-runs can be prohibitive or, at least, frightfully expensive. Print on demand requires less initial investment, keeping overhead low.
  3. Improved cash flow: Having less of your budget tied up in printed materials that may never be delivered to learners leaves you free to spend capital on other projects, like online training materials.
  4. Less guesswork: Inventory management becomes easier when you keep a smaller number of books on the shelf (a micro-inventory) and print more as orders roll in. You won’t have to toss hundreds of books, which cost you plenty, if content changes make the titles obsolete, or if a class is canceled.
  5. Minimum waste: When you keep a micro-inventory instead of a large quantity of books on the shelf, fewer books have to be tossed when changes are needed. Even better, your association is only charged for the number of books that were sold.
  6. No back orders: Avoid the embarrassment of back orders. Learners feel irritated when they can’t order the titles they need for class because a printer ran out. Print on demand takes this scenario off the table completely.
  7. Quick turnaround: Experienced printers can balance their workloads to get your larger print runs done without too much lead time. Print on demand requires less set up and fewer resources, so turnaround is even faster.

No two associations are the same; your reasons to print training manuals on demand may differ greatly from another similar organization. What we know: Print on demand works well for many associations, and it could be the right choice for you.

If this list makes you think it that sounds about right, contact us today! We’d love to help you bring educational resources to your association’s learners—and save you time, money, and resources at the same time.

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