Choosing useful, effective conference giveaways that provide value and fill a need for attendees is a tall order. There’s no limit to the options available; your inbox is likely full of marketing messages from companies selling promotional items. And let’s face it—95% of them are junk. Keep your association’s educational objectives in mind as you search for items to fill that goody bag.

Here are seven qualities to think about when choosing conference giveaways:

  1. Relevant: Does the item help creatively communicate the value your association or the sponsor brings to the attendee? Don’t give out a widget for a widget’s sake! Make sure it helps to support your key messages.
  2. Portable: This may be common sense, but it’s good to keep this consideration top-of-mind. Can attendees take the giveaway home without trouble, or will it take up valuable real estate in their carry-on?
  3. Branded: Increased awareness of your association’s brand is a major factor when choosing a conference giveaway. If the item can’t bear a legible logo, what’s the point?
  4. Sponsorship opportunity: Sponsors are always looking for useful ways to contribute to your event. Choose a giveaway that lets you promote your sponsors, too.
  5. Cost-effective: Some relevant, portable, memorable giveaways might be perfect for meeting those needs…but don’t pass muster for staying within your budget. If sponsorship can’t help out, you may have to make another choice.
  6. Intriguing: Take a risk and try something new and creative! The gold standard is a clever giveaway that provides value beyond the first week or two after the conference.
  7. Usable: Think about how attendees would use your giveaway. Will it live on their desk, often in sight and in mind? Or will it get a few uses for the fun of it and then live out its days in the bottom drawer? Novelty will only get you so far.

Your association stands for professional development and lifelong learning. Why not support your mission with a giveaway that checks all of the boxes and provides attendees with access to conference content?

USBs fit the bill. Conference content is relevant to attendees. A flash drive is portable, even if a novel style like a slap band is used. USBs provide ample space for branding and are attractive giveaways to sponsors. Custom options are memorable and intriguing, offering initial excitement and lasting value. And, compared to other trinkets that won’t make it home with attendees, the per-unit cost is affordable.

Curious how USBs could work as a giveaway at your association’s next meeting? Contact us to start the conversation and request a sample!

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