As conference season draws near, abstracts are coming in left and right. Having more content to choose from is a good thing, but if your process doesn’t have much forethought behind it, too many papers can spell disaster for your review process.

Your review team is a busy bunch; they get annoyed with inefficient systems. They don’t have time to get lost in endless email conversations and wonder what need to be done and what has been handled already by other members of the team (or even themselves).

Their intentions—to find the best topics and speakers for your conference—are good, but the system is too cumbersome. Even your best reviewers are wondering if they’ll be able to put in the time to work with you next year. How can you simplify the process so it’s not too difficult and time-consuming for your team? Is there a way to get the information you need while making the process easier on others?

Abstract management is a multi-faceted process that requires a comprehensive, robust system to handle all the demands. For all intents and purposes, emailing abstracts out to individual reviewers and expecting them to keep track of the progress isn’t going to cut it. Odds are, one or more of the reviewers will get confused about the process, and your association staff will end up resending many documents and following up with reviewers daily. It’s clunky, and a big waste of your association staff time.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Omnipress has an abstract management tool that will solve these problems, once and for all. An online system that all reviewers can access, with abstracts assigned to them specifically, will simplify the process. Submitters will appreciate the elegance of the system, too. They can turn in everything—abstract, bio, photo, research, and more—in one place, save a draft to submit in the future, and even request A/V equipment.

Your association staff could use a break, too. Omnipress’ Abstract Collection System makes their life easier as well; for example, they can manage multiple collection processes and requirements for the same conference. Your staff can communicate with submitters, presenters, and reviewers with an email within the system. Better yet, technical questions about the submission process are routed to Omnipress directly; you can rest assured that we’ll take care of those issues so you don’t have to. Questions about the event itself go to your association.

Your event has enough T’s to cross and I’s to dot. There’s no reason to add any further confusion to your collection process. Keep the process smooth, streamlined, and hassle-free with Omnipress.

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