Three cheers for abstract reviewers! Your event wouldn’t be the same without them. Abstracts submitted to your conference require vetting by subject-matter experts. When you find a good group of seasoned professional willing to do this (for no pay), it is best practice to thank them profusely and keep them happy. After all, they help you fill your event with well-researched, interesting presentations.

One way to show reviewers your appreciation for their service is to make their process as simple as possible. If it’s relatively simple and hassle-free to score and rank papers, reviewers are less likely to become frustrated.

Omnipress’ abstract management system is intuitive and comprehensive, giving reviewers a single online location to handle their assigned duties. Association staff members also appreciate the system for its tools that help manage the review process.

Association staff can:

  • Add as many reviewers as needed.
  • Assign reviewers to submissions: manually, automatically based on track or topic, or automatically to the entire pool of reviewers.
  • Determine and create scoring criteria.
  • Create review forms, which can be as simple or complex as your process requires.
  • Set multiple deadlines for a single event.

These features work together to create a system that reviewers appreciate. It’s simple to use, while also giving them a framework for consistent reviewing, with criteria and forms unique to the association and/or event. Just as with any task that involves judging or ranking, it helps to know what an ideal abstract looks like.

The next time you put out a call for reviewers, be sure to mention how the abstract management system you use makes the process easier for them. Providing the best system for reviewers to do the work will be most appreciated, and may be part of what keeps them volunteering year after year.

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