It’s a big part of why we go to conferences in the first place. Content is king, not just in marketing, but also in your industry. Association content connects the average professional with the cutting-edge research that has the potential to change the industry landscape. It’s exciting to be exposed to new, potentially-game-changing information. So exciting, in fact, that you might want to read up on it right away.

But modern workers are on the go. Some feel burdened, literally or figuratively (or both), by huge, unwieldy printed proceedings. A smartphone or tablet, on the other hand, is a weight with which they are supremely accustomed, and quite (perhaps too?) comfortable. When it’s crucial that new and compelling research by read—right now!—, it’s best to offer it in a mobile app instead of (or, may we suggest, in addition to?) in print.

Tablets make this option even more attractive. Even with small screen-friendly app design, reading serious material from a smartphone can be a real drag. On a tablet, though, the information is both portable and readable. When you use a mobile event app like Omnipress’, event content is available to view or download on site, without a book weighing down your bag.

Limited WiFi capabilities and spotty connections will lead many participants to use this feature sparingly on-site, but its mere availability is a value-add for attendees. Did the speaker run out of printed handouts? Just bring it up on the app and take a look. Want to read ahead at the hotel for tomorrow’s session? With papers and session handouts available on the app, you can come prepared.

We’d never suggest that actually attending sessions is incidental; hearing new research or an innovative concept from its author brings added value to content. But if your attendees are looking to enhance the session by reading source material during the event, your mobile event app should offer that capability.

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