When you decide to outsource a task, you may want to maintain some control over the process—without having to do it yourself. At the very least, you’d like to remain aware of what’s going on.

This is true when it comes to print and fulfillment of your corporate training materials. The idea of having a trusted partner handle this on your behalf is attractive; packing and shipping boxes is not your idea of a good time, or even a productive workday.

On the other hand, you’re not entirely comfortable leaving this task to anyone who might not have your best interest in mind. Part of the reason you hadn’t outsourced this process long ago is your commitment to delivering not just course books and manuals, but also your organization’s promise of quality and timeliness. Leaving this in the hands of anyone besides you and your colleagues feels disingenuous.

The best choice is to find a happy medium—a process you don’t have to implement yourself, but can follow closely to make sure your learners’ needs are met. When you partner with Omnipress for the print and fulfillment of your corporate training materials, you have 24/7 access to standard reports so you can stay in the loop. Custom reports are also available to meet your organization’s specific needs.

To learn more about Omnipress’ complete suite of services for corporate training programs, download our whitepaper—Simplify with an All-in-One Partner: Best Practices for Continuing Education Training Materials. Give it a read and let us know what you think in the comments!

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