“Education doesn’t just take place in stuffy classrooms and university buildings, it can happen anywhere, every day to every person.”

-Richard Branson

Richard Branson, Founder and Chairman of Virgin Group Ltd, recently posted this on his blog. Mr. Branson is the man behind lucrative ventures such as Virgin Mobile, Virgin Atlantic Airways and is even working on Virgin Galactic, where he wants to run commercial flights into space. Yes, you read that correctly. So to say he is someone that you should probably listen to, is an immense understatement.

Branson is presumably talking about the lessons we learn every single day as we write the chapters to our great adventure we call life. We all know some of the most important lessons learned in life are taught in moments that we least expect, far from the hallways and ringing bells of a traditional classroom. This is why it is so important for those of you that are in charge of training and educating your members, attendees and everyone around you, to embrace technology and make your training material available in all forms.

Life today has quickly become about accessibility and doing things on the fly, and education is no different. Some people, especially those that prefer to train in the traditional classroom, would like to only have to worry about face-to-face sessions or instructor-led training. But the reality is, for your learners to truly grasp the message and information you provide them, you must be willing to let them take your lessons wherever they please. This is where a Digital Publishing Platform comes in.


With mobile phones, tablets and laptops becoming more available, we have the ability to access learning material from anywhere. Which for you as the trainer or session leader, makes things even more difficult because that means you have to have printed materials, a website and a mobile/tablet site, right? WRONG. Our Digital Publishing Platform has the power of Responsive Design, meaning your website appears correctly on all platforms.

Our system can automatically detect which device your learners are trying to access the information on, and will present the material in the best way possible for that device. Meaning your large site with lots of information and images, can shrink down and visually optimize itself when someone is viewing it on a much smaller screen such as a tablet or mobile phone. Don’t ever worry about having to update two or three, or even four different sites if you’re thinking about taking your training material online.

Being a trainer or someone who has the opportunity to educate someone is an amazing thing. Don’t hold your content or learners back any longer. Take your content online with our new Digital Publishing Platform.

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