Are your attendees constantly checking their iPhones during conference sessions?

Don’t worry. They aren’t bored or trying to be disrespectful to your speakers. It simply an uncontrollable impulse!

A 2011 study featured in the journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing shows the average person checks their phone 34 times a day. These checks are not out of necessity, but because they’ve developed “checking habits” where they need to repetitively check email and mobile apps like Facebook. The authors say people like the positive feeling of importance that is associated with a new email or update.

So, how do you compete with your attendees’ uncontrollable checking habits?

Well, you know what they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Go Mobile with Event Mobile Apps

If you can’t take attendees’ attention off of their phones, then bring your conference where their attention is… their mobile apps! Mobile Apps for events are becoming an increasingly popular way for meeting organizers to keep their conferences and meetings interactive, innovative and engaging.

5 Reasons Mobile Apps Improve Your Events

  1. Attendees stay informed. A mobile app is a great place to post important event information such as location changes, sponsor deadlines and schedule updates. You can even include a RSS feed to your association blog to keep attendees updated on the latest event news.
  2. Your association generates more revenue. By creating an event mobile app you are also creating more sponsorship opportunities! If you’re including an exhibitor listing on your mobile app, you could offer “premier logo placement” where exhibitors could pay a fee to have their logo featured at the top. You could also encourage local restaurants and hotels to include sponsorship ads as well.
  3. Attendees can personalize their conference experience. Attendees should be able to create a profile on your conference mobile app with contact information and messaging capabilities. Many event mobile apps allow attendees to create a personal itinerary including the sessions they plan on attending, and connect with other individuals who plan on attending those sessions as well.
  4. You create a more engaging conference and increase networking. By allowing attendees, speakers and sponsors to create profiles, they are able to easily connect before the conference which leads to greater engagement at the actual event. In addition, you can increase social engagement by sharing Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn feeds on your mobile app. Many conference apps have even enabled live polling/surveying and discussion boards to keep attendees engaged during sessions.
  5. It’s easier to measure conference success. Analytics can be integrated into your mobile app so you can gain insights to attendee’ preferences and behaviors year round. This is yet another great way to measure access to your association content; providing a more accurate measure of your ROI.

What are some of the best event mobile apps you have seen?

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