Whether they’re looking for a quick dinner on the road or a different way to view your event’s sessions, people want choices. If they don’t have to work too hard to get them—two restaurants in the same block, for example, or five ways to look at the sessions on one website—even better.

Omnipress’ event content websites offer attendees choices on how to view sessions and plan their time at your association’s event.

  • Track: What constitutes a track? Whatever your association decides—job title, professional development focus, specialty, career stage, or something else entirely. However you want to categorize your events, we can make it work on your event content website.
  • Schedule (Chronological): Sometimes it helps attendees to see a straight-up chronological listing of sessions. Do two potentially-valuable sessions coincide? Is one of them, maybe a small-group workshop, repeated later in the day or the conference? Help attendees plan their days with a chronological list of events.
  • Session (Alphabetical): To decide which sessions to go to when, attendees may wish to toggle back and forth between the chronological listing and an alphabetical one. A list of sessions can also help attendees locate and read more about a must-see session.
  • Paper: Is there a specific area of research that interests some attendees? Are they interested in reading the latest studies and seeing the results presented by the team that prepared them? Start here. Some papers are interesting to read, while others raise questions in the attendee’s mind, which might inspire them to catch the session.
  • Author: Just as content is king for some attendees, people and presentation of the materials is more critical to others. In an attendee’s tenure in this career path, has there been one thought leader whose work they always enjoy? Is there a mentor or former professor they’d like to catch up with after they present a session? That attendees can look for that author or speaker first, and plan to attend those sessions.

Your attendees can plan their best-ever event when they can look at the sessions through different lenses. They want to get the most out of their time out of the office, and they want it to come easily. Omnipress’ event content website can do that, and we’d be happy to help your association give its attendees everything they need to get the most value out of your event.

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