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(Editor’s Note: Throughout the month, we’ll be highlighting the most popular blog posts from 2017.)

Tips that enhance your continuing education programs proved to be a popular topic this year. Articles in this category offered ideas on everything from promoting your courses, to developing effective learning scenarios, to content strategies that reinforce classroom education year-round. Catch up on our top five continuing education articles by reading the posts below!


Focus on These 12 Traits for Effective Adult Learning

“Andragogy” is the term Malcom Knowles used to explain how instructing adults differs from children. Take a look at this infographic to learn how his findings will help you develop effective adult learning scenarios for your next educational session!

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5 Easy Ideas for Promoting Training Courses Online

5 Easy Ideas for Promoting Training Courses Online

Increasing enrollment for your in-person training programs is a top priority for continuing educational professionals. Having a well-defined target audience of association members helps, but even that won’t guarantee learners will discover your course offerings. Take a look at this infographic for easy ideas to help promote your training courses online!

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Dan's Corner with Director of Training and Publications Dan Loomis

Why Associations Should Layer Their Members’ Continuing Education

Watch Dan Loomis and Janel Savich talk about “Learning In Layers,” a concept introduced in a recent issue of TD Magazine. In this video, Dan and Janel discuss how the concept of “layering” provides a useful framework for associations to find a balance in their online, in-person, and print training resources.

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Creating A New Training Program

How to Reduce Your Risk When Creating a New Training Program

When implementing a new training program, one of the major challenges association professionals face is deciding how many copies of course materials to print. Read about the three-word solution that can help reduce the risk of starting a new program.

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Association Branding

How to Take Your Association’s Branding to the Next Level

You work hard to create courses that provide learners with the best education. Make sure your materials reinforce your association’s role as a trusted resource! Follow the 5 tips in this infographic, to create training materials that help your learner, and your association.

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