Let’s just start by assessing your abstract management system to make sure it can accommodate your needs.

Your online system should be flexible enough to:

  • Collect abstracts, final presentations and other information from speakers
  • Collect, manage and review files
  • Communicate with speakers easily
  • Organize submissions to create your program
  • Provide customized reports
  • And much more

Yes, the technology is flexible, but what about the company supporting the technology?

The big question is: Are you leading the support team for your abstract management system, or are they leading you?

Three Questions to Ask About the Company Supporting Your Abstract Management System

  1. Does your abstract collection support team schedule a planning call? Even before your “call for abstracts” opens, your collection support team should be discussing big picture needs and tactical next steps.
    Does your collection team ask about:
    -Past collection experiences: How many times have you collected before? Things to watch for?
    -Goals for collection: What are the final outputs? Will you need data for other things?
    -Site setup and form specification: What information needs to be included? How will that data be used?
  2. Does your abstract management support team proactively lead each stage of the collection process? From your first call for papers through the review process and collection of final files and presentations, your collection team should help you at each step of the way.
    Does your support team:
    -Send you how-to guides for each stage of abstract collection, review, scheduling and final file collection
    -Follow up with the initial schedule throughout the collection process to ensure everything is still on track
  3. Does your collection support team have a standardized process and set of planning tools? Every member of the collection support team should be using the same process and tools, kept in a localized place, following the same standard procedure. This way if one member goes on vacation, the rest of the collection support team isn’t scrambling to find materials like standardized output emails, setup forms and your schedule.

Your Experience with the Company Supporting Your Collection System

I hope you were able to say “Yes! My collection team does all of this for me.” That means your collection team is proactive and leading YOU through the process of collecting, reviewing and managing abstracts and final presentations.

If your collection team is often missing data or having to go back and update the system, we’re sorry; they may be more reactive, making the process of collecting, managing and reviewing speaker files unnecessarily difficult, time consuming and frustrating.

So back to the big question: Are you leading the support team for your abstract management system, or are they leading you?

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