It’s time to face the music! Examine your printed training materials. Take a close look at the color, the paper weight, the binding. Are the course books durable, or do they look like they’ll fall apart, at the seams or otherwise, if they’re tossed in a learner’s backseat too many times?

With your 2016 training budget under consideration, probably as I write this, it’s time to think about print quality. Maybe you can do better on your own. Maybe you’re doing the best you can, under the current circumstances, and, in order to make any real improvements, you need some help.

If you handle printing within your organization, maybe your color printer and copier isn’t up to the task anymore. It’s possible that the machine just isn’t built for the kind of wear and tear you’re putting on it.

Are you spending more time and money getting maintenance done on your printer than you are on actually printing and assembling course books? Maybe it just seems that way. Take your frustration into consideration, then, and consider this: Given how much time, effort, money, and mental energy you put into printing in-house, is it really worth it to do it yourself?

What’s your tipping point? Are you there right now? How much more frustration do you have to take on before you decide it’s time to make a change?

In other words, if you have a better relationship with your copy repair guy than you do with your membership base, you might need help with your training course books.

Consider this: Are you somewhere between long print runs with large quantities in stock and print on demand? You want the pricing you get with long print runs, without that waste that can come from maintaining a large inventory. Print on demand has a higher cost per unit and having no stock ready to send out to learners makes you nervous.

You might need help from someone who can help you compare your options and make the best decision for your association. If there a compromise between the two that can save you money while keeping enough stock on hand to meet your learners’ needs? (There is! Reach out to Omnipress to learn more about printing on demand with microinventory.)

Think about your printed training materials, your 2016 budget, and the reputation and brand you reflect through your course books. Is it time to make a change? Omnipress would love to help. Reach out to us to get the conversation started!

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