Omnipress is all about making your life easier, and the best way to do that is to help you with multiple, related conference services.

Take your standard conference program, for example. If you also work with Omnipress for abstract management and formatting services, the process becomes a whole lot easier, from your call to papers through the final printed product.

When you work with the end in mind, you and your project manager can set up your abstract management system to collect all the information from a submitter that you’ll need to create a complete printed program. A bio and photo are common items to include; other associations may choose to ask for other information up front as well, like handouts, to make it easier to move forward toward the final printed piece.

Within the abstract management system is a scheduling tool that conference planners can use to structure the meeting. Sessions can be moved in to time slots, using drag-and-drop. Our abstract management customers love the scheduling tool, citing its superiority over the spreadsheet they used to rely on for setting up the meeting’s agenda.

When it’s time to move from abstract management to a printed program, Omnipress’ formatting team can bridge the gap. Using the information you collected in the abstract management system and the schedule you built there, we can build your conference program.

The process is streamlined when you use Omnipress for both steps. We help you set up the abstract management system to capture the information we know we will need to format and produce the printed program.

This doesn’t just make the process simpler for us, though. Remember, we’re all about making your life easier. If you are working on putting together a printed program, and you work with another provider for abstract management (or collect materials yourself via email), you have to gather all of that information and make sure you have everything before sending it in. Wouldn’t you rather skip that step?

Once all the information is in, formatting your printed program (to be modeled after a sample you provide, or the program we did for your association last year) falls into place. The abstracts, papers, schedule, and handouts stay right here at Omnipress, under one roof, moving through teams that work together regularly. There’s no question of whether your abstract management vendor and your print vendor communicate, if that’s the same vendor and the team members are used to supporting each other.

Now your printed program is formatted and ready to go on press. The delay you sometimes see between vendors vanishes. Once you give the okay, we can get your program printed, assembled, and out the door to the venue.

Are you ready to experience the peace of mind that comes with bundling services that work even better together than they do apart? Then get the process started by reaching out to Omnipress today.

And don’t forget—you could get something back for all that you put in to managing your conference content! If your association returns a signed proposal for Omnipress products with a total value of $15,000 or more, you qualify for one of four incentives, each worth $1,000! Visit for details.

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