It’s hard enough for your members to keep their day-to-day schedules straight. When they come to your conference, they have an even harder time remembering where they’re headed, in order to do what, and with whom.

They need a personal itinerary to help them get organized. Not just circling sessions in the program and flipping through to find your next destination—that won’t do. They need something that shows just their personal schedules for the conference. And I bet they’d like to have it on their phones or tablets, too.

Done and done! With Omnipress’ mobile event app, the complete program listing is just the beginning. Attendees can also:

  • Filter the program listing by track.
  • Select sessions to add to a personal itinerary.
  • Set reminders for each session added to the schedule (15, 30, or 60 minutes).
  • View session descriptions, complete with a link to the paper and/or handout.
  • Access speaker bio, where attendees can access all sessions presented by that speaker at the conference.
  • Update the schedule along the way, removing or adding sessions as they go.

If attendees need a push to keep your schedule straight at a conference, the personal itinerary feature of Omnipress’ mobile event app is a perfect companion to enhance their event experience. Give it a try—test-drive the mobile app online! Visit the same page for a QR code to download a demo to your phone.

When you’re thinking about how to make this year’s conference just a little bit bigger and brighter than last year’s, consider adding a mobile event app to the mix. To make that process easier, use the same event content partner for print, online distribution, and a mobile event app. Contact Omnipress to get started!

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