Fourth quarter has already begun (can you believe it?), and before you know it, you and everyone you know will be making New Year’s resolutions. How to do a better job managing your continuing education program, be more productive throughout your workday, and streamline processes to be more efficient may top your list of professional objectives. Once you start evaluating exactly how you spend your time at work, you may find yourself wondering if there’s a better way.

Does this story sound familiar? Executive Director Robin Ginner was frustrated she was spending a lot of her time—she estimated 30-40%!—printing books and packing boxes for Vibration Institute (VI). If that time were spent developing new courses and managing the growth of current offerings, Robin thought, VI would have an even more successful training program.

Beyond the time factor, there was the matter of course book design, which was in need of an update. When Omnipress reached out to Robin, the association staff had already been discussing the need for a better fulfillment process and a redesign of the course books. “The call was well-timed,” she said.

How did the new book’s appearance and streamlined fulfillment process work out for VI? Get the rest of the story—download the Vibration Institute case study! (You’ll find more like it here.)

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