Printed materials are a best practice for training, and education of all types. According to a recent survey we conducted (stay tuned for the results!), most corporate trainers provide printed materials for on-site training.

How often you print new course books depends on several factors. How frequently is content updated? If changes come along often, print on demand might be the best fit. If content is unlikely to need updating, a longer print run would be more economical. (Your organization could save with volume pricing.)

It helps to partner with a provider that is deadline-focused and understands the importance of high-quality, error-free materials delivered to the right location, on time. Whether you prefer to send books to individual participants or to the training event site, you should be able to count on a trusted partner to get it done.

Consistent branding is also very important especially if you provide content in other formats such as a website or companion USB. Your organization’s colors, logo, and overall feel should be the same across all platforms. When you work with one provider for all of your content delivery needs, that is more likely to happen. Clear communication is maintained, resources are shared, and your vision doesn’t need to be repeated to multiple vendors. Check back next week for other advantages of working with a single-source provider for your corporate training content delivery.

Before you decide on a provider for your printed corporate training materials, make sure you get a chance to meet the people you’ll be interacting with on the project. Some companies look good on paper, but their customer service falls short of expectations. At Omnipress, your project is in very capable hands, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our project managers. To learn more about printing with Omnipress, contact us today!

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