What happens when your members change … but your association doesn’t? Any answer to that question—declining membership, waning conference attendance, association staff cuts—means bad news.

But keeping up with your members is no easy task. Technology is quickly changing how people learn and communicate, and what’s good for younger professionals may not work at all for your long-time members. It’s tempting to stick with what has worked in the past and what some seasoned professionals prefer, until those members retire and younger members aren’t retained—or never join in the first place.

Steve Drake’s article “What Happens When Digital Education Reaches Your Profession/Industry?” addresses this issue. As more electronic delivery systems are being utilized in higher education, it won’t be long before today’s college students become tomorrow’s young professionals. They’ll come to your association with expectations of how teaching and learning takes place in a modern, digital world.

They’ll have expectations about content delivery, too. They might like using a high-quality printed program—many young professionals still do—, but they’ll probably wonder if that’s the only way they can access your content. At least, they’ll also want online access to association content. Not just the conference proceedings, but also the directory, publications, and the policy book. Ideally, you’ll also offer a mobile app for a more interactive conference experience.

Is your association ready to meet these expectations? Omnipress is! Partner with us and we’ll meet all of those needs and whatever content distribution innovations arise in the future. The newbies are going to want it all, and in order to provide it to them without losing your mind, you need a one-stop shop for all association content.

Ensure your future relevance and simplify your content process with one phone call. Hope to hear from you soon! 1-800-828-0305.

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