Dan's Corner with Director of Training and Publications Dan Loomis

Have you ever wondered if, within your own association, your conference team and your continuing education team face similar challenges? According to the results of our two industry reports, they do!

Watch Dan Loomis discuss the most common challenges that appear on both the 2018 Training Trends Report and 2018 State of the Conference Industry Report. In the video, Dan also details a way to bring the conference and training groups together to find solutions to their shared challenges.


Video Transcript

Dan Loomis: “Within your own association, do you ever wonder if your conference team and your continuing education team have similar challenges? We looked at two industry reports and we found some interesting trends.


“What we found interesting is across conference and training, there’s challenges around managing content changes and how to deliver the mix of content that needs to be delivered for the learner. It’s not surprising that that’s a focus, because it actually helps with the strategic focus and the relevancy of an association. But, what I find interesting looking at these reports side-by-side, there’s a lot of associations that are still challenged with managing costs, deciding what quantities to produce and even order fulfillment and shipping.


“If you think about these things that are consuming their time and deciding what quantities to produce is taking up about 30% of their time, where they would prefer to spend 0% on that type of task.


“So, what if you outsourced to a third-party that could handle that stuff and still support your brand and all the things you would like to represent when that material goes out, and you could put that time towards some of those higher end, higher level strategic objectives of really focusing on the mix of the formats and managing those content changes.


“So, like we say in life, it’s not always about the big changes, it’s about the little changes and maybe it’s time we apply that to our own associations.


“Here’s a suggestion: Grab some members from your conference team, grab a few from your continuing education, have a little lunch and learn, do a little team bonding. It will be interesting to see what kind of common challenges they have in your association and see what kind of solutions they can come up with.”


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