With spring is just around the corner, many people think about which areas of your office need a deep clean. If you have a spring conference, though, you might need to shift these cleaning tasks to another time. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to manage your conference content, much less declutter your desk.

Take some of that cleaning ambition and direct it towards something else that could use some tidying up—your printed conference materials. A well-organized program is an attractive, useful representation of your association and its brand.

It can be a challenge to take content from collected abstracts to well-organized conference program. Thankfully, you don’t have to take on this task yourself. Many providers can handle design and formatting of your content as well as managing the printing and shipping of your conference programs.

To make it even easier to bring your association’s content to life, use the same vendor for abstract collection and printed materials. Because the provider will already have access to your content, you won’t have to act as the middleman between your abstract management vendor and your printer.

When you leave formatting to your conference printer, you’ll simplify content delivery and streamline your day. You might just find five minutes to clean your desk!

For more tips on conference printing, download our 4-page white paper, Managing Print Projects.


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