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One of the most common questions our customers ask us is, “What are other organizations like us doing?”

In the spirit of sharing easy-to-adopt ideas, here is one inspired by several customers that we thought is both practical and creative.

Increase virtual event audience engagement with Emojis + printed program booklets

The backstory: We had several customers who were looking to increase virtual event audience engagement by including premium items featuring different emojis and emoticons (such as a thumbs up/thumbs down, laughing face, question mark, clapping hands, or confetti) in their event welcome kits.

The idea was that attendees would hold up the appropriate icon to their webcam as a fun way to provide immediate feedback during a presentation or discussion.

Our solution: Rather than worry about the expense (and logistics) of ordering separate items, we worked with our customers to simply print the expressions on separate pages in the back of the event program book.

This idea made it easier for attendees to give feedback, as they were already using the program booklet as an ongoing reference piece for critical event information such as how to log on, rules of virtual engagement, the program schedule, etc.

Plus, we found the cost-per-piece to print a program book was much lower than many of the premium items being considered.

And as an added benefit to sponsors, our customers offered exclusive advertising placements on the emoji pages, among other sponsorship opportunities throughout the book.

Looking for other tips and ideas from your peers? Have an idea to share? Let us know!

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