Last month on the blog, we discussed three factors to consider when choosing an event printer. One of the main points of the blog post was to think about the experience of the provider, with both printing in general and with the association industry.

But experience itself is only part of the benefit of working with a printer that works with associations. Our project managers and production team have hundreds of different programs and proceedings under their belts. Some projects are similar to countless others they have done; such jobs present no new challenges.

And then … there are the others. The conference printing projects that are the antithesis of cookie-cutter. The more out of the box a project is, the more important it is that you partner with a conference printer that knows how to handle unusual requests, like custom die-cutting, embossing, promotional pieces (like door-hangers), and even a custom-designed tradeshow display board.

If you find an association-focused printer you can trust to handle specialized printing projects, you’re off to a great start. Even better? A conference printer that provides additional services like formatting and design to bring your content to life as an organized, user-friendly final product.

To truly streamline your event content process, find a printer that also provides other services, like abstract collection and speaker management, event websites, and mobile event apps. Maybe scientific posters and USBs also fall under their purview. I bet you can just feel your to-do list getting shorter.

Can your provider offer you all of this, as well as a high-quality printed program? Not many companies can, but Omnipress’ event ecosystem gives you all the tools you need to take care of all of event content with one single-source, all-in-one company.

To learn more, download Omnipress’ event ecosystem flyer and event brochure. Both are available here, with no email address required for access. Just scroll down to the end of the Events Whitepaper section. Feel free to request those resources as well!

Omnipress can be your conference printer—and so much more. Contact us with any questions or comments!

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