With 2014 drawing to a close, associations are rethinking their event content strategy. Digital publishing has never been better and mobile devices are everywhere you look. Why would we choose to print a conference program in 2015?

It’s a fair question. Print does have its share of drawbacks, but it still brings a lot to the table. Before you count it out of your plans for next year, consider these points:

  • Printed proceedings add to an attendee’s existing collection of association content.
  • Event content comes in many packages, and you can print nearly all of them, including common outputs like final programs and session handouts, and other items, like presentation folders, scientific posters, and awards certificates.
  • Many studies suggest that you may remember more of what you read in print.
  • The visual impact of print is powerful. Sponsors are more satisfied with a full-page ad in a program than a banner on your website.
  • Both paper books and eReaders deserve a place on your nightstand, in your office, and in your life.

Give our new whitepaper a read and you’ll learn more about the basics of conference printing and why printed event content continues to hold value for your attendees.


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