Time for a true confession: I watch too much TV. It’s easy to get caught up in a good story, and there are many shows worth your time on the air today. Nevertheless, I could stand to go outside a bit more often.

Some of the shows I watch are a little predictable and formulaic, and involves “the good guys” getting important information off the computers of “the bad guys,” usually with seconds to spare before they’re caught. Inevitably, the information is collected off of the criminal’s computer with a USB.

If memory serves, I’ve seen that plot go down on “The Good Wife,” “Person of Interest,” and “The Blacklist,” as well as some dearly departed shows, like “Burn Notice,” “The Mentalist,” and “Chuck,” among others. Time is never on the hero’s side, and there is always a very important file that the team needs to catch the thief or kidnapper or other flavor of villain.

Whether or not your typical annual meeting tends to include high drama and intrigue, USBs are quick, easy, and portable ways to deliver knowledge to your attendees. They won’t have to steal conference content like the heist teams from television; the USB will be a useful giveaway included with the materials they get at registration.

The content contained in your conference USB, while it might not be a matter of national security, will be valuable longer than the data found on USBs in the TV shows. Attendees take USBs home to pore over papers from sessions they attended, as well as those they couldn’t get to. It’s easy for them to begin reading content at the office and continue at home that night. USBs are nothing if not easily portable.

Your attendees will use your conference content for good, to help advance their careers and learn more about the industry. Give them the ease of navigation and search of an Omnipress USB, without the ticking clock, henchmen, and high stakes. It’s all the information they crave without the drama they don’t need!

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