Your association thrives at events, providing a forum for thought leadership in your field and networking among your members. But there’s a way to make your events even more successful: Change the way you think about them. Treat your events like content.


In reading Mykel Nahorniak’s 8 Ways to Transform Events into Powerful Content Marketing, published on the Content Marketing Institute’s site, I was struck by the elegant simplicity of his idea. Nahorniak posited that organizations can optimize an event’s impact by strategizing and leveraging it, as they would any other piece of content. Promote it relentlessly, push it out to social media frequently, send email announcements and reminders periodically, and keep SEO in mind when event listings are written.

People remember in-person events they attended much more than they remember online content they simply skimmed. Once. Two years ago. Transform your events into consumable, memorable content your members will use, retain, and reflect on fondly for years to come.

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