Taking Your Educational Content Online

A few days ago, I accomplished the impossible. I was finally successful at something I’ve tried to do for years. The feeling of elation was unbelievable. I had finally convinced my dad to get a smartphone!

Now this may not seem like a landmark occasion for most people, but to me it should have been a national holiday. If you know my dad, he’s a man’s man. You know, the outdoorsy type that would spend every waking second hunting or fishing if he could. The type that rides his Harley every chance he gets to nowhere in particular, just to be on his bike. So to him, smartphones were unnecessary and an unneeded distraction from the simpler things in life.

Taking Your Educational Content Online

To me, he’d constantly ask, “Hey, look this up for me,” or “What’s the weather going to be like?” So I’d tread on, time and time again doing his dirty work and spending (what seemed like) hours doing research for him when it could have taken him 30 seconds to do on his own. The frustration was unbearable so I begged and pleaded with him. I even made him a deal that if I caught a bigger fish than him one weekend that he’d have to get a smartphone to catch up with the times and reap the benefits of new technology. (By the way, I don’t think I’ve EVER caught a bigger fish than my Dad; ever.)

Then I finally broke him down. He was through with the days of not having the technology to look up the weather or look for parts for his Harley on his own. My life was easier, and my time spent with him was spent asking how to be a better outdoorsmen rather than being stuck to my phone looking things up for him.

So what does this have to do with your association? It’s simple. This story is about the majority of the associations out there. The kids (employees and content managers) beg and plead with dad (association executives) to get a new smartphone (digital publishing platform) to make life easier on everyone and distribute their valuable content.

There seems to be a good number of associations that seem to be stuck in the past and are missing out on leveraging their valuable content and offering it online, because a “higher-up” is stuck in their ways and doesn’t see value in offering their content online. So how do you convince dad to get that new smartphone? Here are 4 ways to convince your association leaders to take your content online:

  1. Show Them What Your Competitors are Up To
    It may sound odd, but one of the most effective ways of convincing your boss to invest in something, is to show them that your competitors are already doing it. Nothing makes any executive back a new tool faster than seeing their competitors are beating you to it.
  2. Inform Them of All of the Features and Benefits
    Sometimes, it’s just the pure lack of information that warrants the disregard of the advancement of your assocation’s content. Give them all the information they need on how it will grow your association’s membership, and probably more important to them, how it will provide another source of revenue. Start here for the Information You’ll Need
  3. Train Them on How Easy It Is to Use
    Actually taking them into the Digital Publishing Platform and allowing them to see how easy it is to use will immediately take away the fears of paying for something they don’t understand. It’s important that they feel comfortable with a system that they are going to invest money into. If you’re in the market, invite them to join you for a demo of the system. Even if they don’t say a word, it’ll make a world of difference for them to see it in action.
  4. Put the Numbers in Front of Them
    One of the most common deterrents association executives cite is the cost. Get the numbers square, directly in front of them. And this doesn’t only include the cost of the platform. Make sure to include projections of the revenue that a Digital Publishing Platform can create. You can charge for any of your content, or charge membership fees. Show them they’re investing in a system that is creating a new revenue stream.If you have any additional challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact Omnipress to discuss other ways you can show the value of a Digital Publishing Platform to your executives, and get them to take your content online.

    *As I finished writing this blog, I received a picture from my dad of a nice largemouth bass he caught. It’s funny how sometimes things you see as successes can come back to bite you!

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