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It didn’t take long for coronavirus (COVID-19) to become a major disruptor to the meetings and events industry. While travel restrictions have forced some conferences to cancel, fears and uncertainty threaten the performance of others, regardless of their location.

This has caused most meeting planners to either create or start putting into motion their plan B in an effort to retain at least some of the value of their event while making accommodations for speakers or registrants who will no longer be able to attend in person.

Moving to a virtual conference is one option that many have been considering. But based on your timeline and resources, this may not be a viable option for your upcoming conference. Large, virtual meetings can be complex to execute—especially in a pinch—if you want to provide a similar experience to your in-person event.

Omnipress has a solution that allows you to deliver your valuable educational content to all attendees and is extremely quick and simple to execute.

  1. Work with your speakers to turn their session or poster presentations into pre-recorded videos.
  2. Have them upload these videos, and any accompanying final session materials, to CATALYST®
  3. Publish these materials to our On-Demand Video Session Content Platform, which allows registrants to easily search and access this content by topic, track, author/speaker or keyword

Watch this video to learn more.

By providing an enhanced, recorded version of the sessions to attendees along with all other session content, you can make sure the learning continues in this time of extreme uncertainty, while potentially retaining at least a portion of your registration fees. It also gives you an opportunity to reach those that may be hesitant to register at all this year by charging a smaller fee to access the content.

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