Eliminating the middleman seems like a good thing … unless you are the middleman. Even in that case, you might be glad for the streamlined process.

Still need convincing? Take fulfillment of materials for your continuing education courses as another instance.

Let’s walk through the process. A learner signs up for a class. That means that course books must be ordered. That order comes to you as an email notification.

When it hits your inbox, you drop what you’re working on and enter it into the order fulfillment system set up by the company that sends out your training materials. Sounds like a lot of extra work!

Wouldn’t you prefer to skip it? You are acting as the middleman, and it’s tearing you away from work you’d rather be doing—work that is more directly connected to your association’s mission, and your passion for lifelong education.

If your association has a larger training staff and more learners to serve, order entry might be someone’s entire job, at least a big part of it. Then eliminating the middleman takes on deeper significance.

You don’t want to eliminate—in other words, lay off—a valued team member. Good news! You don’t have to throw out the employee with the bathwater. Simply reallocate that person’s time to another task, like marketing your association’s CE courses.

When you work with a provider that provides seamless integration between your database or registration system and its order fulfillment system, you can let that step go entirely. Technology—not your busywork—can bridge the gap.

Omnipress can do that, eliminating some work from your already-packed to-do list. Now you, middleman, can use your time to do more mission-critical work. Everyone wins!

To learn more about how Omnipress can help your association streamline processes and make life easier, download our white paper, Print and Fulfillment Made Easy.

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