Cut This Event Expense Without Sacrificing Attendee Experience

Cut your event printing expense

As meeting planners face higher-than-anticipated rate increases for event expenses, this new solution offers a no-cost way for you to keep your printed program books and proceedings for those attendees that want them.

Meeting planners face tough choices as event costs increase

Meeting planners face several challenges. Among them are drastically increased F&B costs, staffing shortages, and increased pressure to deliver increased revenue.  In response, one of the line items in the event budget under increased scrutiny is the printed program book. But cutting it out entirely isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

“We’ve had a lot of customers who have stopped printing their program book as both a cost-saving and sustainability measure,” notes Dan Loomis, Director of Market Development at Omnipress.
But many of these organizations received pushback from attendees. “Especially if the program or proceedings book is seen as a high-value piece because of the role it plays at the conference.”

As a result, many organizations are looking for creative ways to cut costs without cutting back on the attendee experienc

Omnipress launches new service to eliminate the cost of print

In response, Omnipress has launched a print-on-demand model—EasyPrint™ that allows organizations to eliminate the cost of print from their event budget, while still responsibly offering a printed proceedings or program book just to those attendees who still want it.

Jonny Popp, General Manager of Omnipress, explains the genesis of EasyPrint.

“We’ve seen a large percentage of the meetings industry experience multiple years of revenue losses due to decreased sponsor and exhibitor revenue, decreased registration fees, or events that were canceled altogether. Now that events are back in full swing, we’re seeing record inflation. Conferences planners can’t quite catch up.”

Adds Popp, “At the same time, many of our customers have faced backlash when they’ve tried to eliminate the printed conference proceedings to save costs. We didn’t want our customers to have to make that choice. Instead, we wanted to be part of the solution.”

How EasyPrint provides a no-cost, print-on-demand option for event materials

Typically, meeting planners will place a bulk print order for program books or other conference materials based on the estimated number of attendees. Omnipress prints those books, ships them to the event site, and invoices the customer for the full amount. The meeting planner then hands out program books at the registration desk to all attendees.

With the EasyPrint model, Omnipress takes on the financial burden of printing the program books. Here’s how.

  1. We create and host an online store that features your printed materials available for purchase.
  2. You provide attendees with a link to this store in your registration materials and conference communications
  3. Attendees use this link to order and pay for materials directly from us
  4. You provide Omnipress with the print-ready file
  5. We print, pack, and ship materials to your attendees, at no cost to you

 EasyPrint allows organizations to retain an important offering to sponsors and exhibitors

 With EasyPrint, not only are you able to give your attendees the printed materials they want, but you can continue to offer program book advertising and other recognition as part of your sponsor and exhibitor packages.

“After 45 years serving conferences and events, we thought we had been through it all with our customers,” states Popp. “But these past few years have probably been the most challenging for them. We just want to do whatever we can to help meeting planners be successful.”