Odds are, you have participated in taking inventory at some point. Maybe it was during the part-time job at the grocery store or gas station you had in high school. Or it could be a more recent memory. You might have counted your association’s training course books just this morning!

Taking stock of the materials you have on hand is important. You don’t want to run out, leaving some learners without the resources that others in the class have been given. But the process can be mind-numbing. Counting box after box of course books may leave you wondering if inventory management is the best use of your time.

Your learners count on your association to provide the correct number of course books, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours counting books on a shelf. No one gets into continuing education to do inventory. It’s just a necessary evil inherent to a training program that includes printed course books. Right?

Not necessarily. Associations that count on Omnipress to keep their inventory on track don’t have to worry about taking time out of their busy days to do it themselves. Join them and you won’t have to, either.

Instead, you can keep an eye on your inventory with standard reports that Omnipress makes available to all customers. These may suit your needs, but if you need more information, we can build custom reports to your specifications. Not having to physically touch or count the course books doesn’t mean that your approach has to be completely hands-off.

Better inventory management can help to eliminate back orders. It doesn’t reflect well on your organization if a learner has a hard time ordering a course book; putting this concern to rest is another reason it’s helpful to trust this process to an experienced provider.

Counting on Omnipress to handle inventory management on your behalf helps you cut down on the dull tasks of your day-to-day, giving you the time and energy to focus on other work. Eliminate the stress of keeping track of your course books and you can skip counting something else—sheep to settle down enough to get to sleep at night!

Did you count the counts? Not including the four times you see the word in this paragraph and the title, the answer is 8!

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