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It is the end of 2012, and just as every year, there are thousands of “Top 10” posts: “Top 10 Trends of 2012,” “Top 10 Events of 2012,” “Top 10 Top 10 Lists;” it’s exhausting. I call them “Top 10” posts, but as we all know, they range from a list of five to sometimes hundreds (who would ever spend that much time going through a list that big is beyond me) of usually meaningless bits of information.

However, this year I came across a Top 10 list that really got me thinking. It was titled “Top 10 Nonprofit Tech 2.0 Posts of 2012,” and it highlighted a list of the website’s most viewed posts of the year. What was brought to my attention is something I try to tell our employees and clients as much as possible; if you want to write content that gets a lot of views, you must do three things (Yes, I’m sorry, another list.)

3 Ways to Increase Association Content Views

  1. Be Concise. There is in fact a reason why writers, bloggers and blabbers use lists so often. It’s because they are concise and get to the point. People are interested in their chosen topic, and they want the information in a tidy, little package. Do the same for your members and attendees; wrap that present of information up nice and neat for them. Some call this spoon feeding them information, but no matter what you call it, just make it easy to take in.
  2. Be Interesting. When you are writing a story, a lesson, even a tidbit of cool information, the thing that gets it noticed the most is making it interesting. Be unique, and write about a topic no one has heard before, or maybe choose an old topic and take a different approach than the norm.
  3. Be Relevant. As unique and interesting as you can be, the topic and information still has to be relevant to your members and attendees. Writing about the “Top 10 Things Your Dog Did in 2012” may be interesting to some, but it isn’t relevant to your organization’s goals or to what members or attendees would like to learn.

What else do you do to make sure you are delivering quality association content to your members?

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