Abstract management is a critical first step in your conference content process. It sets the tone for everything that follows, from scheduling to producing both your printed program and your conference app. Even before you send out your call for papers, think about what you want from your abstract management experience and get help from your provider to make it happen.

Take, for instance, all of the communications you need to send during the process. Here are a few common messages you’ll have to convey to submitters and reviewers.


  1. Reminder to complete submission before “Call for Papers” deadline: This message is sent to individuals that have started working on an abstract submission, but haven’t finished the task.
  2. Acceptance—poster session: Once reviewers have given their feedback and the conference chair has weighed in, it’s time to deliver the news to submitters. If your association works in the medical, scientific or engineering field, poster sessions are common and may be the right venue for some submissions that are not ready to present at a session.
  3. Acceptance—oral presentation: Another message that submitters may receive is an acceptance to give an oral presentation. Once you hear back from them, you can use the drag-and-drop scheduling tool to create a clearer picture of the conference to come.
  4. Rejection and encouragement: Some abstracts don’t quite cut it. When that’s the case, send a message that breaks the news gently, suggesting that the submitters attend the conference and try again next year.


  1. Invitation to review abstracts: You may need many qualified people to get this critical job done right, but that doesn’t mean you have to craft each message individually. A template helps to streamline this task.
  2. Reminder to complete reviews before the deadline: To keep the process moving forward, you may need to prod the reviewers to evaluate their assigned submissions.

Some conference planners find templates to be sufficient to manage communications. Other conference planners ask to have additional templates built, which we are happy to do for a small additional fee. Or, if you’d prefer to do it yourself, an Omnipress site manager can train you to build templates that meet your needs.

Make the abstract management process easier on yourself and set the stage for a simpler, more streamlined process for all of your conference content needs. For best results, count on one provider to help you from beginning to end.

Abstract management is just the first step, after all. Outputs like printed programs, online conference materials, printed and online scientific posters, USBs, CDs and conference apps also require attention. It’s much simpler to handle these projects when you have just one vendor to contact for help.

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