Why do associations decide to handle print and fulfillment of continuing education training materials in-house? Is it simply a matter of cost, or is there something else that makes them reluctant to let go?

Some organizations are uncomfortable having another company manage this on their behalf. They want to maintain control so they can personally ensure that each learner receives the right materials, for the right course, in plenty of time.

While a commitment to the learner experience is to be commended, the hard truth is, there are only so many hours in the day. As much as we’d all like to personally handle every aspect of a program to ensure that expectations are met, there’s something to be said for delegating tasks that, while essential, don’t necessarily require your dedicated attention.

You may find that there is freedom in letting go of control so you can focus on other priorities. Many organizations find this to be especially true of print and fulfillment. Let an expert handle the intricacies of international shipping while you, for instance, grow your catalog of CE training courses and manage content creation and revisions.

Few association professionals are experienced with printing and shipping, and even fewer enjoy dealing with it. Have you ever met a colleague who pursued a career in continuing education to pack boxes? Neither have we.

Can you imagine how your workday might change if print and fulfillment no longer fell to you? Allow yourself to dream and you’ll find that you could regain enough time to achieve other, more mission-critical goals. Focus on what’s most important—providing your learners with valuable, useful skills to advance their careers—and you’ll find that handling print and fulfillment in-house was a barrier to achieving your true potential.

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