Planning an event where you will have speakers is no easy task. Even just thinking about the hundreds of “hidden” tasks that need to be completed may cause your pulse to quicken. Luckily, you’ve had a tremendous response to your call for papers, and submissions from potential speakers are coming in from around the country (or around the globe!). Now with the success of your event hanging in the balance, you start to review the submissions, only to realize their presentation didn’t upload correctly! You will need to contact each submitter individually and ask them to re-submit. Looks like your list of tasks just got a lot longer…

The Importance of Testing Your Abstract Management System

Nothing is more frustrating to a submitter (or those volunteering their time to review submissions) than having to deal with technical issues. A poorly set up submission process can deter great speakers, and incomplete or garbled information can be a headache for association staff to fix later. By thoroughly testing your abstract management system before you open up your call for papers, you can minimize any of these complications.

Advice to “test your site” may sound obvious, but do you know the specific things you should be looking for during your test? Follow the steps in this whitepaper before your abstract management system goes live to ensure a smooth launch. A checklist is included at the end of the document to help you organize and conduct a thorough collection site review.

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Event planners have a multitude of tasks to manage as they prepare for their event. If your event prep includes accepting submissions from potential speakers, testing your abstract management system needs to be on your to-do list. Make the testing process efficient (and painless!) by following the recommendations included in the whitepaper, “The Event Planner’s Guide to Testing an Abstract Management System.”

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